How can we benefit you?

  • JESCO provides subsurface utility engineering and mark the position on the surface for Deep Tube Well.
  • JESCO provides Utility engineering estimated cost analysis and recommendations for line/equipment relocations or new service associated with existing/new projects including budget projections for new Utility service requirements. Additionally, JESCO provides Utility tariff negotiation assistance for new projects.
  • JESCO provides the client service schedules to the respective Utility based on customer construction requirements.
  • JESCO utilizes a Utility project management (UPM) tracking system with an “accountability” mechanism to ensure Utility on-time service deliveries and to eliminate project delays.
  • JESCO reduce the risk of unforeseen utility conflicts and relocations.
  • JESCO Eliminate costly conflicts during construction of the project
  • JESCO provides turn-key residential & commercial Utility design/build & project management service for all Utility infrastructure associated with new projects.
  • JESCO service delivery stays focused from the start of the project until all the Utility deliveries are completed.
  • JESCO concentrates on the most important Goals which are to shorten the time associated with the Utility completions for service delivery and to identify barriers of service delivery while generating savings for the client in all aspects of the Wet Utility installation processes.
  • Our services follow the standard of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, BNBC, ACCORD-ALLIANCE, NFPA etc
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