Landscaping & Irrigation

Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance

JESCO is a contractor in the field of irrigation & landscaping works

We offer a wide range of services including Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Landscaping and Irrigation Projects. Our involvement in this field ranges from pumping stations, irrigation networks and satellite controls to building public garden & golf field.

JESCO is qualified to help you ensure any garden or resort development becomes a leisure attraction by incorporating innovative designs and specific features. Our plans are executed in accordance with the requirements of the environmental protection acts, the land and water management agencies, the natural land preservation regulations, and the town planning and urban design organizations. All our projects undergo team work as well as close coordination, with main Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Consultants, and Clients.


  • Landscape & Irrigation Design
  • Landscape & Irrigation Construction
  • Landscape & Irrigation Maintenance
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