Our Activities Can Be Summarized In The Following Areas:
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment using membrane technology. This covers Ultra Filtration, Nano - Filtration and R / O (Reverse Osmosis).
  • Assembly and Upgrading of Desalination Systems based on Reverse Osmosis.
  • Water filtration systems, equipment, media and spares.
  • Pre-treatment of R/O and MSF plant and units
  • Specialty chemicals and functional polymers for specific applications like anti - scalants, antifoam, dispersants, cleaning chemicals, biological control and anti - corrosion products.
  • Chemical dosing and metering pumps with possible input / output control logic.
  • Water quality monitoring analytical and digital equipment for process control and instrumentation.
  • Laboratory equipment and field use test units/kits.
  • Process pumps for acid, alkali and other corrosive chemical transfer.
  • Specific analysis: scales, deposits, sludge & metal constituents.
  • On-line tube cleaning systems and debris filters.
A Broad Outline Of The Product Range Covered Will Be:
  • Membranes: different size ranges and material, including the widely used thin film Composite polyamides.
  • Pressure vessels: different size ranges essentially in GRP construction to ASME Standards.
  • Cartridge Filters: wound, pleated and activated carbon to different sizes.
  • Panel mounted analytical monitoring instruments: pH, conductivity / TDS, Redox
  • O2 analyzers, Cl2 analyzers, flow meters and sensors, mini PLC’s and other control Equipment for process plants and treatment applications.
  • Chemical dosing pumps and accessories
  • Heavy-duty media filters in GRP and steel epoxy coated construction of Different size ranges with media covering sand, gravel, anthracite activated carbon brim, manganese green sand multimedia.
  • Chemicals: chemicals, anti-scalants, Bio-control agents, functional polymers, passivators, surfactants, formulations for cleaning inhibitors.
  • Process equipment: Water desalination skids based on Reverse Osmosis Chlorinator, degassers, absorption vessels scrubbers, Condensers, debris filters and On-line tube cleaning systems.
  • Operation and maintenance services
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