F Series

Electric Submersible Pumps

The main feature of the F series models is ATEX certification, which allows them to be used where a standard submersible electric pump would be unacceptable due to the explosive nature of the liquids or environment.
Every detail, from the cable to the metal fasteners, meets extremely high safety requirements to eliminate the risks inherent in use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

They are available:

  • with vortex impeller (DGF) with ample free passage, recommended for use with soiled liquids;
  • multi-channel open impeller (DRF), intended mainly for lifting clean or lightly soiled liquids;
  • with grinding system (GRF), suitable where there are fibres andfilaments in the wastewater;
  • with high head (APF), intended for use with wastewater with sand and suspended abrasives.
The mechanical seals are housed in a large, inspectable oil chamber to guarantee a long working life.
The oil chamber can be fitted with an optional sensor connected to a special electrical panel to alert the user to any water seepage due to wear of the outermost mechanical seal in good time to allow it to be changed, preventing damage to the motor.

Each model undergoes dual pressurised testing at the end of the line to ensure that the motor compartment is airtight and the mechanical seals have been correctly fitted, to guarantee excellent reliability.

  • Cast iron vortex impeller
  • Full free passage
  • Sewage
  • Soiled wastewaters with solids
  • Lifting stations in civil and residential plants

  • Cast iron multi-channel open impeller
  • Suction strainer
  • Clear or slightly soiled wastewaters
  • Strained, seepage and underground pump-out waters
  • Irrigation and installations requiring high hydraulic performances

  • Cast iron multi-channel open impeller
  • Grinding system with rotary knife
  • Soiled waters containing fibres and filaments
  • Unstrained civil wastewaters
  • Lifting stations in civil and residential plants

  • Cast iron multi-channel open impeller
  • High manometric head
  • Mainly clean liquids, or liquids with small solids or sand
  • Slightly sandy seepage waters
  • Ideal for construction of fountains and water features


Cast iron lifting and carrying handle.

Stud bolt for closing the motor compartment for the pressurised testingevery model undergoes.

The universal thread ring-nut can be removed to fix a rigid or flexible duct to the cable gland to protect the power supply cable.

Polypropylene suction strainer with spheroidal cast iron base.[DRF]
Stainless steel suction strainer. [APF]

The use of reliable materials and innovative technical features makes the F Series the most compact range of ATEX certified electrical submersible pumps on the market.
The threaded and flanged discharge allows top installation flexibility. The option of models with sensor to alert the user to water seepage in the mechanical seal oil chamber makes this range even more versatile and complete.

Drive shaft in AISI 431 stainless steel. Connection to impeller via tapered coupling.[DGF - DRF]

Ecological dry motor with thermal overloads.

Two silicon carbide (SiC) mechanical seals in oil chamber.

Large, inspectable oil chamber to guarantee longer mechanical seal lifetime.

Water sensor available on request.

Ample free passageallowing the expulsion of solids and preventing fouling of the impeller.[DGF]

Grinding system comprising a three-bladed rotary knife and a plate with holes with sharpened edges that fine-chops filaments, preventing fouling of the impeller.[GRF]

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