N Series

Electric Submersible Pumps

Plant operators are very often in search of products capable of satisfying the most widely varying installation needs: they are looking for high-performance, versatile models, capable of operating partially submerged, with a wide range of impeller types for lifting various liquids and perhaps even suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.

To meet all these needs, Zenit offers the N series, a range of electrical submersible pumps for heavy-duty professional use, built to meet tough strength and reliability demands but also to ensure easy, inexpensive maintenance, minimising plant stoppage times.

They are available with:

  • vortex impeller (DGN) with ample free passage, recommended for use with soiled liquids;
  • multi-channel open impeller (DRN), intended mainly for lifting clean or lightly soiled liquids;
  • single-channel open impeller (MAN), for transferring high-density wastewater and water containing solids;
  • with grinding system (GRN), suitable with fibres and filaments;
  • with high head (APN) are suitable for use in mainly clean liquids when a high pressure level is required.
Each model undergoes dual pressurised testing at the end of the line to ensure that the motor compartment is airtight and the mechanical seals have been correctly fitted.

  • Cast iron vortex impeller
  • Full free passage
  • Soiled biological liquids and non-strained wastewater
  • Civil lifting
  • Suitable for treatment plants, livestock farms and industrial plants

  • Cast iron multi-channel open impeller
  • Large free passage
  • Liquids containing suspended solids
  • Low and medium density activated sludges
  • Suitable for sewer systems and livestock farms

  • Cast iron multi-channel open impeller
  • Grinding system with rotary knife
  • Soiled liquids containing fibres and filaments
  • Low and medium density activated sludges
  • Suitable for professional and heavy-duty applications

  • Cast iron multi-channel open impeller
  • High manometric head
  • Clean, rain and seepage water
  • Clean water in fountains and water features
  • Suitable for applications in agriculture, irrigation and fish farming

  • Single-channel open impeller
  • Large free passage
  • Soiled biological wastewater and non-strained sewage
  • Civil lifting
  • Suitable for treatment plants, farms and industrial plants


Premature wear of the power supply cable due to chemical and mechanical damage caused by the liquid in the tank can be prevented by placing it inside a rigid protective pipe [Optional], which can be fixed directly to the cable gland by means of the universal GAS thread.

Each N series model can be fitted with a steel jacket to cool the motor and flush the mechanical seals with the treated liquid (if sufficiently clean) or with water from a pressurised external source.
This guarantees continuous, trouble-free service even with the unit only partially submerged.

Each N series model is also available in -EX version with ATEXcertification in the version with water sensor and cooling jacket.

The "open" motor body gives N series models an unrivalled level of repairability: internal parts are easily accessible and it is simple to remove and replace the stator, or to rewind it without taking it out of the structure.

Drive shaft in AISI 431 stainless steel. The impeller coupling is by means of a bushing which allows adjustment of the clearance and the restoration of hydraulic characteristics even after wear of the components.[DRN - DGN - MAN]

Ecological dry motor with thermal overloads.

Humidity probe to detect water in the mechanical-seal oil-chamber available on request also for ATEX version.

Two mechanical seals in silicon carbide (SiC) enclosed in an oil chamber inspectable by means of a threaded ring-nut. By this method, themechanical sealsoperate separated from the wastewater but access to the oil chamber is extremely simple for easier servicing.

Large, inspectable oil chamber to guarantee longer mechanical seal lifetime.

Ample free passageallowing the expulsion of solids and preventing fouling of the impeller.[DGN]

The special conformation of the hydraulic part ensures the expulsion of solids and prevents fouling of the impeller. [DRN - GRN - APN - MAN]

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